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Soumita Saha-Article in www.indya.me

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Soumita Saha

Soumita Saha

Soumita Saha is just  20 year old Kolkata girl, but the fame and repute she has attained at this tender age puts her into the league of elevated celebrities.

Soumita is a singer with a pleasant voice with an equally beautiful looks. To be specifically called, she is an Internet Celebrity. Her Youtube Channel has over 1000 subscribers, while her Facebook page Like is close to 5000.

Her father Swapan Saha is a noted Singer in Kolkata,  while her mother Madhumita Saha is a journalist.

Her Musical journey started at tender age when her parents bought her a toy Piano. Since then, Soumita never swam out of the sea of music. The only child of her parents, she was given enough freedom to choose Music as a full time career.

She won several accolades at school level, performed at various occasions, was trained under eminent musicians and is now a part of several music bands.

She captured  the vision of print media in 2002 after winning a   gold medal  in  a reputed music  competition  in Kolkata. At age of   10,  the child  artist was on lime light.

He first  big break came  when she  performed live on  ETV Bangla. Since then she has performed on various big platforms. A local Radio Station Radio JU also broadcasted her Interview in their program Sanskriti.

This gave her energy  to  add  her performance on  Youtube. Soumita uploaded  her song  on  YouTube Which  gained  her  appreciations from  several  anonymous  people  as  she says “I am not  a tech savvy at all. Singing is  my passion,  in fact I am  a low tech  person“.

She  is  a versatile singer who did  justice to  songs like  Ek pyaar  ka nagma  and  Kuch  is tarha teri palkein. Recently, her Mix album Tu Tu hai Wahi was released by Musicstars.

Soumita also performed brilliantly at studies. After completing her Senior Secondary she’s now pursuing a degree in Architecture. In her own words,

After I complete my degree, I will have the opportunity to obtain a stable and challenging career.I know that the road ahead will not be easy for me, but I cannot stop here. I need to move on in order to reach my goals


When not singing, she is busy with her paintbrush or penning down poems. Her painting collection can be viewed here. She is also an avid blogger and posts about a variety of issues. One of her blogs worth mentioning is Education Soumita. It deals with the issues related to child education.

Indya.Me wishes her a rocking career ahead.

visit http://www.indya.me/soumitasaha/

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